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Πετάλι CARL MARTIN Classic Flange

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€140,00 €119,00

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Παραδοσιακό Flanger πετάλι, Ρυθμιστικό για Speed, Depth, Pre-Delay, Feedback, Slow-Fast Switch, Switch για Bypass και Effect


Carl Martin is doing a groovy thing out there man….         Introducing the Vintage Flanger; designed for those guitarists who desire this unique form of modulation.         The Vintage Flanger has four knobs to control Speed, Depth, Pre-delay and Feedback, plus a dual speed mode that is foot-switchable.         There are no rules with a Flanger, just plug this versatile modulation pedal in and play play play.         As with all the Vintage pedals, the Flanger comes in a solid, diecast housing with the cool CM graphics and chicken-head knobs.         It can be powered by 9v battery or a (recommended) regulated 9v power supply like the CM Big John

(Η τιμή αφορά για πληρωμή μετρητοίς ή με χρέωση πιστωτικής κάρτας)